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Artist statement

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

While graphite drawing is central to my core practice, my current works explore the relationship between the traditional medium and the digital process. The aim of such works is to;

1) Break the artificial boundary between art & technology/traditional mediums.

2) Develop new, highly interactive artworks with plastics or with technology such as Virtual Reality, EEG, and mobile apps which engage and provoke the viewer’s own creative and aesthetic impulses.

The integration of traditional drawing techniques with contemporary fabrication technologies is necessary and allows for limitless possibilities.

While researching the use of technology and digital aspect in art I desired to experiment with different materials, aiming to convey a sculptural aspect from something considered two dimensional.

Although I work in a digital or virtual medium, I approach the creation of each image with the traditional outlook of a painter and also, in my case, a sculptor. I try to bring depth and texture to the images that I work on.

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