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Career + Ambition Plan

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Part of completing this Professional Practice is to increase my understanding of the professional world that surrounds me. Working in a professional environment is a concept that is somewhat scary, as being a student I am used to a environment that fits within my comfort zone.

Throughout my university experience I feel that there has been several occasions. I have always known that I want to work with people and maybe within the education sector. After my placement I thought long and hard about the experience and the satisfactory feeling I had after each day, knowing that I had helped a child learn a new skill or technique. Despite the challenging moments of my placement I really did enjoy it, but I found myself unsure about whether teaching art within a secondary school and applying for a PGCE was the direct route I wanted to go down. I felt that I didn’t want to narrow myself to working only with children of a certain age, I feel I would really enjoy enjoy working with a variety of people, such as the elderly, offenders, children with learning difficulties and special educational needs.

Because of this I though long and hard about the aspects of art and what it is I enjoy most about it. I know that my true passion within art is teaching it to others, but I also have a keen interest in psychology. I conducted some research as I have always been aware of the concept of Art Therapy, but I have never really thoroughly researched the benefits or positive affects of such a therapy. I began to research work experience possibilities and foundations placements that would really allow me to obtain vital experience and get a feel for what it is like to participate within Art Therapy. I came across the website known as the BAAt, which stands for the British Association of Art Therapists. This website features some information regarding what is it that Art Therapy is used for, and what instances Art Therapy really has benefited a persons well being.

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